Gas Safety Book 9th Edition

Gas Safety Book, the handy guide for Gas Safe registered engineers, makes it’s way to smartphone and tablet for it’s 9th Edition.

It provides clear advice on gas and carbon monoxide (also referred to as CO or fumes) safety, definitions of key terms and gives examples of warning notices and their meanings. It is an ideal tool to use when explaining gas safety issues to a consumer and the app provides key industry standard information by way of IGEM's 'Unsafe Situations' guidance, designed to help Gas Safe registered engineers identify risk and guide appropriate action.

The digital and complete editions also provide access to Technical Bulletins 007, 008, 013, 041, 046, 052, 060, 117, 118, 141 and 143, all important to safely carrying out gas installation and maintenance.

Essential Edition

Containing the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure Edition 2 (2021) in a hard wearing binder.

Digital Edition

Access to the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure Edition 2 (2021) using your smartphone and tablet * along with an up to date Technical Bulletins library.

Complete Edition

The best of both worlds with essential and digital editions, plus our time-saving slide rules for Gas Rating and Ventilation.

* Currently available on Android only.