Gas Safety Book GIUSP Complete Book (8th Edition - IGEM/G/11) - With free Danger Do Not Use Labels

Product Description

This is the new 8th Edition GIUSP as released by IGEM. Includes free pack of Danger do Not Use labels.

The Gas Safety Book is a handy guide for Gas Safe registered engineers or those who have to explain gas safety issues to the public.

It provides clear advice on gas and carbon monoxide (also referred to as CO or fumes) safety, definitions of key terms and gives examples of warning notices and their meanings. It is an ideal tool to use when explaining gas safety issues to a consumer.
The book also includes more technical information for Gas Safe registered engineers in the form of ‘Unsafe Situations’ guidance.

The guidance is designed to help Gas Safe registered engineers identify risk and guide appropriate action and is presented in a clear, easy to use format.

The complete book, which includes a the GIUSP G/11, Pair of slide rules (Gas Rating and Ventilation), the Technical Bulletin Pack (007, 008, 013, 041, 046, 052, 060, 117, 118, 141 & 143) and a pack of unsafe appliance warning notices.


How can the Gas Safety Book help you?
• Includes the complete Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure
• Up-to-date guidance on ‘Unsafe Situations'
• Helps you identify gas dangers
• An ideal tool to explain gas safety issues to consumers
• Brings together a broad range of information available in a handy format
• Clear and easy to use
• Compact size – take it to every job

Who’s the book for? The Gas Safety Book contains essential safety guidance for all gas industry sectors including:
• Domestic
• Commercial
• Industrial
• Catering