ViperGas - Domestic Natural Gas Handbook (Plus FREE Subscription)

Product Description

Brand New - ViperGas - Domestic Natural Gas Handbook- Autumn 2018 edition.  A complete collection of all the domestic chapters within the ViperGas Technical Manuals library. Over 600 pages of technical information in a convenient A5 format presented in a hard wearing ring binder.

This includes a FREE years subscription to technical library (ViperGas will contact you direct), plus an exclusive Gas Safety Shop introduction discount of 10%. Chapters:

·      Health and Safety (A) 

·         Regulations and Acts (B) 

·         Combustion (C) 

·         Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Performance Testing (CPA)

·         Gas Controls (D)

·         Open Flues and Room Sealed Flues (E)

·         Ventilation (F)

·         Measurement of Gas Pressure and Tightness Testing (G)

·         Re-Establish Gas Supplies (H)

·         Checking Pressures and Internal Pipe-Sizing (I)

·         Checking and Setting Burner Pressure and Gas Rates (J)

·         Installation of Pipework and Fittings (K) Low Pressure Meter Installations (L)

·         Statutory Requirements and Unsafe Situations (M) Central Heating (N) Space Heaters (O)

·         Gas Cookers (P)

·         Warm Air Heaters (Q)

·         Water Heaters (R)

·         Tumble Dryers (S)

·         Fault Finding Fan Flued Combination Boilers (T)

Please note - The subscription is FREE for 12 months from date of activation email being sent to the customer. ViperGas control and sent the activation emails, not Gas Safety Shop.